Contemplative Photography


Carol Sowerby



“Look further.

Think Less.

Let it happen.”


Photography as mindfulness practice


  Carol Sowerby photographs the world just as it shows up for her. What catches her eye most is light and shadow and shape, from the long view of a sunset or the curve of a swan’s neck,  to the tiniest detail in a droplet of water reflecting the encompassing landscape. For Carol, photography is an act of Contemplation.

  Her images are wakeful and calm, ordinary but mysterious, surprising and pleasing. Taken with clarity and a practiced eye, Carol’s images are not contrived; there is no pretense. They are not about ideas; they are about perception of the everyday observable world. Each image reveals itself, pure and simple.  These fresh images also reveal the depth and richness of Carol’s life experience and the quiet lush forest of her present home on Thetis Island.

  Together with the practice of Tai Chi, Carol works in collaboration with photography to deepen her awareness of the world in which she lives and breathes. Carol takes sheer joy in the small things. She’s out there everyday taking pictures for the love of it all. She finds images that excite her and pares them down to their most simple form.

Her practice opens the aperture of her  own curiosity! Keeps her relaxed and attentive.  Helps her experience a deep connection with nature and enables her to make contact in a way she can share.

Carol has been taking photographs for most of her life. Currently her work is inspired by Andy Karr, Michael Wood, and the Miksang Institute.


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Carol Sowerby

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Carol Sowerby